814 Cops in 2007

December 30, 2007, 2007 (San Dimas, CA) Police-Writers.com is a website that lists state and local police officers who have written books.  With the addition of three California police officers the website ended the year with 814 listings of police officers who have written books.  

Robert Cole is a retired sergeant from the East Palo Alto Police Department (California) and the author of Under the Gun in Iraq.” According to the book description of Under the Gun in Iraq, “Robert Cole – a retired California police officer hired by DynCorp as an international police trainer – presents a vivid account of the challenges of training the Iraqis to handle their own security. In blunt, everyday language, Robert Cole gives the reader an unusually candid and often hair-raising glimpse into reality at the street level as he and his colleagues navigate the dangerous sectors of Baghdad, Tikrit, and Kirkuk, dodging explosions and bullets aimed at them by young, Iraqi, wannabe heroes.” 

Retired Chief Elvin G. Miali started his Law Enforcement career in 1967, with the City of San Gabriel in Los Angeles County. He began as a Patrolman, then he promoted to Detective, Detective Sergeant, Lieutenant Watch Commander, Lieutenant in charge of the Detective Bureau and finally Captain. In 1986 he was appointed Chief of Police of the Fountain Valley Police Department (California). He was Police Chief for 17 years, prior to his retirement in 2003. Chief Elvin G. Miali participated in many Oral Boards and Assessment Centers and observed how difficult it was for many officers to do well in the promotional process. For this reason he wrote the book entitled Unless You’re The Lead Dog, The Scenery Never  Changes. 

According to the book description, “He has developed various testing programs and will share with you the inside scoop into the testing process which is not available to everyone. He has assisted many of his officers with one-on-one consultations regarding the testing process. This type of information is coming from the “top” and Chief Miali knows what the administrators of police agencies want from their candidates, because he was there and made those decisions.” 

Joseph C. DeLadurantey was appointed Chief of Police for the City of Irwindale on August 1, 2001 and served until his retirement in 2005. He had served as the interim Chief for one month. Prior to his appointment he was the Law Enforcement Liaison for the District Attorney of Los Angeles County for four years. With over 40 years in law enforcement, he has served as the Chief of Police for the City of Torrance for 5 1/2 years and spent 27 years with the Los Angeles Police Department where he attained the rank of Captain. He retired from law enforcement at the end of 2005 and is currently a management consultant to the public sector.  He is an Associate Professor of Public Administration in the graduate school of Public Administration at Cal State Northridge, has published textbooks and articles for professional journals and lectures throughout the country on various topics. He is currently completing his dissertation and will be receiving a doctoral degree in Public Administration from the University of La Verne in 2007.  He is the author of Homicide Investigations Standards Textbook and co-author of Criminal Investigation Standards. 

Police-Writers.com now hosts 814 police officers (representing 367 police departments) and their 1726 law enforcement books in six categories, there are also listings of United States federal law enforcement employees turned authors, international police officers who have written books and civilian police personnel who have written books.


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