Police Officer Takes Writing Career Full-time

January 23, 2008 (San Dimas, CA) Best selling author and award-winning Police Officer Shane Moore announced his retirement from law enforcement and to pursue his writing career full-time. Shane Moore grew up poor in rural Illinois.

In his youth, he wore Salvation Army clothes and never owned more than two pairs of pants for school. Before began preschool, Shane tested off the charts and was moved to kindergarten at age three. Shane was sixteen when he entered his senior year of High School. After High School, Shane Moore enlisted in the United States Navy.

 During his military service, Shane Moore served in campaigns Provide Hope and Secure Democracy, during the Bosnian civil conflict. After his discharge from the Navy, Shane Moore attended classes to become a police officer. At the time of his retirement he was a detective for the Gillespie Police Department (Illinois). 

During his law enforcement career Shane Moore received: Over 30 letters of commendation from various supervisors, departments, and State’s Attorneys; Two citations for bravery; One citation for life saving; One medal for life saving; and, Officer of the year in 2005.  In January 2007 Shane’s first fantasy novel titled; “A Prisoner’s Welcome” was released. Since then he has been taken on a whirlwind ride across the country signing books in Canada and many states, quickly becoming one of his publisher’s best selling books of 2007.

Shane Moore has gathered praise from many other authors of his genre, including Robert Fanney, John Beachem, and Joe Lawson. In addition, several professional artists liked his work so much they voluntarily have began series of artwork depicting characters from his debut novel. Of these artist, the most notable is; “Billy Tackett.” Shane has recently met with several companies to produce products from his book.  

Shane Moore has recently finished his second book; “The Breach of Crowns” and is working in his third; “Exodus of the Strong.” He lives with his wife Alicia Moore, and his son, Dakota Moore.  

Police-Writers.com now hosts 833 police officers (representing 379 police departments) and their 1759 law enforcement books in 32 categories, there are also listings of United States federal law enforcement employees turned authors, international police officers who have written books and civilian police personnel who have written books.


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