February 18, 2008 (San Dimas, CA) is a website committed to listing servicemembers who have authored books.  The website added former U.S. Air Force servicemember George Crawford to the growing list of military personnel who have authored books. 

George Crawford served over 22 years in the most sensitive, trusted positions in intelligence, special operations and ballistic missiles.   His highly decorated Air Force military career includes “boots-on-the-ground” operational experience ranging from hostile-fire zones in the Balkans, Central Asia and Afghanistan to key command positions in the United States, Europe and Asia.  George Crawford is the author of Manhunting: Reversing the Polarity of Warfare. 

According to the description of Manhunting: Reversing the Polarity of Warfare, “Six years after terrorist attacks shocked the world, news headlines portray petty politics, backstabbing bureaucrats and a mired military. How did a small group of extremists frustrate the most powerful nation on the planet? The author, a seasoned special operations intelligence officer, answers the question. America is fighting a twenty-first-century conflict with a national security establishment that was created for the middle of the twentieth century. 

Examining trends in military history, the author traces America’s gradual shift toward a new national security strategy. Setting outdated war fighting concepts on their head, he proposes a solution. We can influence, capture, or if necessary kill those who would harm our people. Manhunting, a radical new form of warfare, promises to solve not only the terrorist dilemma.

By adopting Manhunting doctrine, we could make warfare personal to our enemies, reverse the polarity of warfare and ensure U.S. security for the next century.” currently lists 74 current or former military servicemembers and their 152 books.


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