Books by California Cops

March 28, 2008 (San Dimas, CA) is a website that lists state and local police officers who have written books.  The website added books by three police officers from California.

 In addition to being a former Costa Mesa Police Department police officer, William Sanders is a United Methodist Pastor.  He has earned a BA and MS, as well as a Master of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry degree.  Chaplain William Sanders is a member of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists, and the International Critical Stress Foundation.  William Sanders is a Certified Master Chaplain by the International Conference of Police Chaplains, a Certified Traumatic Responder by the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists; and, is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management.  William Sanders is the author of Law Enforcement Funeral Manual: A Practical Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies When Faced With the Death of a Member of Their Department. 

Steve Tarani is a police officer for the Del Rey Oaks Police Department (California) where he serves as a senior defensive tactics and a firearms instructor. An internationally respected contact weapons and personal safety expert, Steve Tarani is a defensive tactics instructor and author who provide high-profile operational skills consultation and training for various law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. His training courses have been accepted as standard curriculum for a number of federal and state-accredited programs within the criminal justice training community. Steve Tarani is the author of four books: Bringing a Gun to a Knife Fight; Folding Knives: Carry and Deployment; The Naked Edge: The Complete Guide to Edged Weapons Defense; and, Karambit: Exotic Weapon of the Indonesian Archipelago. 

According to Lawrence Kane, the author of Surviving Armed Assaults, “Steve Tarani is a Filipino Escrima and Indonesian Silat practitioner as well as a world renowned edged weapons combat instructor. In that capacity he has passed his skills along to thousands of law enforcement professionals and civilian practitioners. He is certainly knows his stuff and communicates it pretty effectively in this book.” Dr. Richard H. Walton has over thirty-five years of law enforcement experience. 

Richard Walton served with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (California) for sixteen years during which time he earned his Master’s Degree in Education. In 1987 he was promoted to District Attorney Investigator with the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office where he gained extensive experience and expertise in homicide, arson, white-collar crime, elder abuse, and fraud investigations.  Richard Walton is the author of Cold Case Homicides: Practical Investigative Techniques. 

According to the book description of Cold Case Homicides: Practical Investigative Techniques, it “provides effective and accessible information to those responsible for investigating and resolving previously examined – but still unsolved – cold case homicides. The book merges theory with practice through the use of case histories, photographs, illustrations, and checklists that convey essential, fundamental concepts while providing a strong, practical basis for the investigative process. It combines proven techniques from forensics, psychology, and criminal investigation, and focuses on technologies that may not have been available at the time of the crime.” now hosts 896 police officers (representing 389 police departments) and their 1891  police books in 32 categories, there are also listings of United States federal law enforcement employees turned authors, international police officers who have written books and civilian police personnel who have written books.


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