Police Books from Florida

April 22, 2008 (San Dimas, CA) Police-Writers.com is a website that lists state and local police officers who have written books.  The website added three law enforcement officials from Florida who have written books.

 In 1996, Robin Powell began her law enforcement career with the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (Florida) as a Detention Deputy Sheriff.  In 1999, she became a regular deputy sheriff, assigned to patrol.  After the birth of her daughter, she transferred to a civilian position as a Detention Program Specialist.  In 2006, she left the criminal justice field.  Robin Powell is the author of Girl Power: Saving Our Daughters Movement.

 According to the book description of Girl Power: Saving Our Daughters Movement, “In today’s society, young girls are faced with many challenging issues for example peer pressure, school safety, chatroom safety, personal safety, love of self, education and HIV/AIDS.  Many of these pressures draw girls to choosing the wrong paths. This book is an educational and empowering tool for young girls, parents, families, educators, coaches and many others.”

 Vern Thornton is a retired Chief Deputy from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office. In his retirement he founded Seniors Vs. Crime, in 1989.  Vern Thornton is the author of

Not Today Buster! and And Today is only Monday.

 According to the book description of And Today is only Monday, “Going back to the 1920s the book follows the life of a man in a small New England town as he gives up a secure government job to become a newspaper reporter, then an editor, with dramatic and often humorous accounts of events of the times. Hoodwinked into a new profession, this time in law enforcement, examine his career in Connecticut and Florida that followed.”

 Vincent Van Hasselt is a professor of psychology and director of the Interpersonal Violence Program at Nova Southeastern University (Florida).  He began his law enforcement career in 1995, when he joined the Plantation Police Department (Florida) as a part-time, certified police officer.  In addition to his academic career, he has worked in the criminal justice field as: an instructor at the Criminal Justice Institute, Broward County Police Academy (Florida); a consultant to the Major Crimes Unit of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office; lecturer and consult to the FBI Behavior Science Unit; and, to a variety of law enforcement related crisis response and negotiation teams. 

 Vincent Van Hasselt is the author of Handbook of Adolescent Psychopathology and he is a coauthor of Basic Interviewing: A Practical Guide for Counselors and Clinicians. 

 According to the book description of Basic Interviewing: A Practical Guide for Counselors and Clinicians, “This book offers clear and direct answers to the questions most frequently asked by students and trainees learning how to talk to clients and extract critical data from them. Its development reflects the old adage that “necessity is the mother of invention.” For many years, the editors taught beginning level mental health clinicians. They found, however, no text to be satisfactory–including a number that they themselves were involved in producing. Some were too difficult; some were too simplistic; some were too doctrinaire; still others had missing elements.”

 Police-Writers.com now hosts 984 police officers (representing 412 police departments) and their 2085 police books in 35 categories, there are also listings of United States federal law enforcement employees turned authors, international police officers who have written books and civilian police personnel who have written books.


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