Military Books is pleased to announce the addition of these servicemembers to the website:


Major General Charlie Cooper, USAF (ret.)

Colonel Otis Hays, Jr., USA (ret.)

Colonel Gene P. Abel, USA (ret.)

Colonel John Schlight, USAF (ret.)

Colonel John E. Krebs, USA (ret.)

Colonel Jeffery M. Freeman, USA (ret.)

Colonel William M. Frash, USMC (ret.)

Commander Stephen Flynn, USCG (ret.)

Lt. Colonel William K. Emerson, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Glenn G. Boyer, USAF (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Gordon Cucullu, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel William F. Otten, Jr., USAF (ret.)

Lt. Colonel David A Grossman, USA (ret.)

Commander Royal W. Connell, USN (ret.)

Captain Skip Allen, USAF (ret.)

Phillip Vannatter, USA


The Website now lists 659 servicemembers and their 2248 books.



Military Books


This information was sponsored by Business Leadership information online.


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