Military Books is pleased to announce the addition of these servicemembers to the website:

 General Jacob E. Smart, USAF (ret.)

Colonel Donald M. Buchwald, USA (ret.)

Colonel George W. Garrington, USMC (ret.)

Colonel Ed Garretson, USA (ret.)

Colonel Fletcher Ware, USA (ret.)

Colonel Conrad W. Walker, USA (ret.)

Captain Gene Thomas Gomulka, Navy (ret.)

Captain Bernie L. Calaway, USN (ret.)

Captain Eric H. Swenson, USN (ret.)

Lt. Colonel R. Max Bowser, USAF (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Carl Berryman, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Dominik George Nargele, USMC (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Joseph P. Dulany, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Robert P. Sables, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Frank Hurst Wilcox, USAF (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Larry Haworth, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Richard M. Ransom, USAF (ret.)

Captain Jason Conroy, USA

Lieutenant Earl Tunison, USN (ret.)

Chief Warrant Officer Albert Petty, USN (ret.)

 The Website now lists 822 servicemembers and their 2617 books.


Military Books

 This information was sponsored by law enforcement books information online.


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