Military Books is pleased to announce the addition of these servicemembers to the website:

 Colonel Donald E. Alsbro, USA (ret.)

Commander William H. Roberts, USN (ret.)

Colonel Marti Giacobe, USAF (ret.)

Colonel Paul E. Wilson, USMC (ret.)

Colonel Joseph P. Martino, USAF (ret.)

Colonel James J. Hayes, USAF (ret.)

Colonel Thomas D. Phillips, USAF (ret.)

Colonel Donald Kipfer, USAF (ret.)

Colonel Richard Morgan Szybist, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel W.C. Floyd, USMC (ret.)

Lt. Colonel James A. Scott, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Al Ridenhour, USMC (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Kincheon H. Bailey, USA (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Dick Reynolds, USMC (ret.)

Lt. Colonel James M. Toomey, USMC (ret.)

Lt. Colonel Charles Lane Toomey, USA (ret.)

Major Wayne Creech, USAF (ret.)

Major B. Diggs Brown, USA

Lieutenant Junior Grade Jack McDevitt, USN (ret.)

Alan Sandomir, USA

Daniel Patrick Mahoney, USMC

Louis Gervasio, USA

Thomas J. Fitzsimmons, USN

Bernard B. Kerik, USA

 The Website now lists 846 servicemembers and their 2675 books.


Military Books

 This information was sponsored by Criminal Justice Degree information online.


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