Making Money with a Computer Virus

Running a large number of websites and a small office network has certainly given me a lot of experience in being exposed to the dangers of Viruses, Trojans and other MalWare.  Also, having taught an introductory course in computer crime and written a book on technology – well, I have at least a pretty good idea about the dangers of the Internet. But, I didn’t think I would ever fall into a way to make money with computer viruses.

 It started over a year ago.  The first indication was the network slowing – then, several of the more popular websites were hacked.  How a keylogger program became installed – well, I have my suspicions.  I did some research and found an online computer repair company.  Rather than take all the computers in or call a technician to the office, I figured I’d roll the dice.

 I was very pleased an hour later.  Remotely, the company found, killed and then restored – for a single –  very reasonable price – my computer.  Heck, I signed up with for year which included tuning and optimizing all computers.  For the next year, every once a while, we went online and the company remotely scanned and optimized.

 The year was great – but, not having had any recurrences, I let the contract lapse.  Six months later, I did it this time.  In an effort to improve broadcast sound quality – I did something stupid.  I disable the firewall and virus protection.  Really, it should have been okay.  I had I remembered to re-activate the programs.  The next day – we were slammed.

 My fault.  I contacted the remote technicians.  This time – same great service, but the Trojan had burrowed deep into a single machine.  It took longer – but they were able to restore everything.  I was so pleased, I told the technician via chat that I would be blogging about my satisfaction; and, link to them.  This honest guy says, “You ought to just become an affiliate.”

 That was an easy decision.  Over the last 18 months I have referred dozens of people to them – each one was as satisfied as I was.  I never imagined I could become an affiliate.  Because of my websites, I am an affiliate with several companies.  None was this easy – nor, do I have such a personal connection.  I signed up, they created a page – at no cost to me.  I then registered a domain, pointed to the sub-domain they had created – and, well I am in business.

 There is one last cool part – I can sign up people to be affiliates and – well, get a small commission of the people they refer.  Can you imagine – all the people, all the computers, all the knotheads creating viruses – now I can make a little money helping people clean their machines!

 First, if your machine is infected, or slow, I strongly recommended these technicians – it’s done remotely and very cool to watch your cursor move on its own.  Second, if you would like be an affiliate – that’s right, make money with computer viruses, I encourage to click on the link and sign up!

 Computer Repair

 If you scroll down, on the right hand bottom you will see a link to become an affiliate.


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