Cold Case Parental Abduction

On April 30, 2010, Conversations with American Heroes at the Watering Hole will feature a conversation with private investigator and former law enforcement official Monty Curtis about the cold case parental abduction of Charles and William Vosseler.

Program Date: April 30, 2010

Program Time: 2100 hours Pacific

Topic: Cold Case Parental Abduction

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About the Guest

Monty J. Curtis, “a Certified Fraud Examiner (“CFE”), is President of Corporate Intelligence Group, LLC. He has a distinguished career as a professional investigator that spans more than 21 years. Sensitive internal inquiries, due diligence investigations, fraud investigations, investigations into corporate sabotage, hostile takeover and proxy fight-related inquiries, environmental investigations, asset searches, risk assessments and locating and interviewing witnesses are amongst the assignments Mr. Curtis regularly conducts and manages. In addition, he is also experienced conducting investigations that involve numerous jurisdictions, unique challenges and that require a vast array of skill sets.

Prior to joining CIG, he held management positions at several international investigative and risk mitigation consultancies including Vance, Decision Strategies, Kroll and the Investigative Group International (“IGI”). He was also formerly founder and President of New Hampshire-based Investigative Strategies, Inc. that also had offices in Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine”  Monty Curtis was “formerly a law enforcement officer and certified intermediate weapons instructor.”

About the Case

On October 9, 1986, Charles Martin Vosseler abducted his two boys, Charles Jason Vosseler (“CJ”), not quite four at the time, and William Martin Vosseler (“Billy”), 2 and-a-half at the time. They were last seen in Rochester, New Hampshire. There are active UFAP warrants for Vosseler and CJ and Billy are listed in NCIC.   Vosseler informed his then wife, that he was taking the boys for the weekend to visit relatives out of state. He did not return them as promised. On Monday, the mother went to Vosseler’s office where he owned a rural real estate company. The doors to the business were locked and the mother was told Vosseler had let all his employees go and had cleaned out the office the week before. Prior to the abduction, he took the mother’s name off of credit cards and unbeknownst to her, had stopped making payments on her car. Before he kidnapped the children he also took all pictures of the boys, address books and had secretly auctioned off almost everything Vosseler and his wife had in storage. He even took the mother’s wallet. The only pictures of the boys were taken from five seconds of video a friend shot of her son’s (the friend’s son) birthday. Other than memories, those are the only images the mother has of CJ and Billy. Although the details of his initial post-abduction footsteps are not known, we learned Vosseler, probably by design, he landed in Stilwell, Oklahoma in December 2006. Stilwell is a very rural area that borders Arkansas.

Coincidently, or not, the house where he lived in Stilwell is not far from Elohim City, a private community of extremists that gained national attention for its supposed ties to members of the Silent Brotherhood in the 1980s and with convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in the 1990s. In 1986, the same year, Charlie kidnapped CJ and Billy, a Canadian woman sought refuge with her children contravening a court order awarding custody of the children to her husband. I do not know if Vosseler had any connection to the organization but he has been described as an “anti-government,” and “rules don’t apply to me” kind of individual.

In 1987, a person he had been dating Vosseler (Vosseler had changed his name to Charles Wilson and changed the children’s last names as well) saw a pictures of CJ and Billy on a Child Find. She called Child Find but before the FBI arrived in Stilwell, Vosseler had been tipped off and burned his house, a vehicle and some other possessions. Presumably, this was done to get rid of any evidence that might help find him in the future. There have been no known viable leads since then. 

It has been nearly 23 years since Ruth, the mother, has seen her children. She does not know the fate of her children, and most likely the children no nothing about her. What they do know, if anything, is likely untrue.

About the Watering Hole

The Watering Hole is Police slang for a location cops go off-duty to blow off steam and talk about work and life. American Heroes Radio brings you to the watering hole, where it is Sometimes funny; sometimes serious; but, always interesting.

About the Host

Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster was a sworn member of the Los Angeles Police Department for 24 years.  He retired in 2003 at the rank of Lieutenant.  He holds a bachelor’s from the Union Institute and University in Criminal Justice Management and a Master’s Degree in Public Financial Management from California State University, Fullerton; and, has completed his doctoral course work. Raymond E. Foster has been a part-time lecturer at California State University, Fullerton and Fresno; and is currently a Criminal Justice Department chair, faculty advisor and lecturer with the Union Institute and University.  He has experience teaching upper division courses in Law Enforcement, public policy, Public Safety Technology and leadership.  Raymond is an experienced author who has published numerous articles in a wide range of venues including magazines such as Government Technology, Mobile Government, Airborne Law Enforcement Magazine, and Police One.  He has appeared on the History Channel and radio programs in the United States and Europe as subject matter expert in technological applications in Law Enforcement.

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Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA



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