American Heroes Press Top Stories July 8, 2010

Army Casualties

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Army Casualty

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Army Casualty

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Thunder Lab teaches future Afghan pilots vital skills

The Afghan air force base in Kabul is home to the Thunder Lab, an English immersion program designed to improve the English, aviation and professional skills of Afghan air force officers awaiting pilot training.

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Hey Senior NCO! Did you get your ‘Easy Button’?

I heard it the first time when I received my line number to master sergeant: “Welcome to the senior noncommissioned officer tier, your judgment and discretion will be relied upon more now than ever before in your career.” That statement has rung true so many times since then but never as prevalent as at a previous assignment.

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What I’ve Learned …

Last week, I passed my 25th Air Force anniversary. Another milestone of 2010 is that I turned 50 years old; I’ve spent exactly half my life in the Air Force. These five decades have taught me much and they have certainly given me perspective.

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Warrior Monks, Rock Stars and House Guests

General Stanley McChrystal’s reputation as a successful warfighter, creative tactician and superb leader is unsurpassed in today’s military, or at least it was.

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General’s Son Pursues Same Path

The O’Connor family from northwestern Ohio prides itself on spirituality and hard work, while giving back to their community. Army Brig. Gen. John “Jack” O’Connor, commanding general of Army Materiel Command Southwest Asia and director of logistics for 3rd Army, grew up in a tight-knit family as the youngest of six children.

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