American Heroes Press Top Stories July 22, 2010

Marine Casualty

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Marine Casualty

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The Case of the Toledo Terror Cell  

In the suburbs of Toledo—a bustling city on the northern border of Ohio—three men were leading seemingly normal lives. One worked at a travel agency. Another ran a car dealership with his brother. The third was a self-employed businessman with several kids.

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Legacy of Deterrence – Our Boomers

Atlantic Fleet ballistic missile submarines continue the legacy of strategic deterrence. July 20 marks the 50th anniversary of the Navy’s first fleet ballistic missile submarine launching the first fleet ballistic missile.

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Rolling Thunder, American Legion Bring Christmas in July to NMCP Patients

A loud rumble shook the ground as a group of motorcycle riders drove through the front gate of Naval Medical Center Portsmouth July 18.

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Federal Law Enforcement Authors

One of the most difficult tasks, thus far, was to figure out how to list these writers.  State and local police agencies rarely change, but federal law enforcement continues to reorganize itself. 

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