American Heroes Press Top Stories August 7, 2010

Father, Daughter Share Aircraft Heritage

While many daughters may share similar interests with their fathers, one noncommissioned officer here relates the challenges of her job with an understanding dad. He’s been there and done that.

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Anti-Leadership Lessons: Meg Whitman

Imagine you are in an organization wherein one of your key leaders clearly does not share one of the primary organizational values.  Through their conduct, they have repeatedly, over the course of many years, demonstrated that they do not believe this key value is important.  Also imagine that the leader comes to you and now asks you to do, for them, this key organizational value.  .

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Marking 20 Years Since Operation Desert Shield

When Iraqi forces began pouring over the border into neighboring Kuwait, most Americans would have had a hard time finding the country on a map.

Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein ordered his troops to occupy Kuwait on Aug. 2, 1990 – calling the oil-rich nation Iraq’s “19th province.”

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Crime Analysis

These books on crime analysis or the use of crime analysis by police and law enforcement managers were written by police officers.

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