American Heroes Press Top Stories August 16, 2010

Marine Casualty

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Medical team trains for emergency response

Air Force medical professionals participated in a massive joint forces field-training exercise recently simulating a terrorist attack in the U.S.

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Build the Mosque, it’s your Right

The Muslim community has the absolute Constitutional Right to build a mosque near Ground Zero.  Moreover, by case law it is fairly clear that the “free exercise of religion” clause extends down from Congress to local governments.  So, there is nothing legal that can or should restrict the building of a mosque. However, just as the mosque is legally indisputable, it is also an indisputable fact that 19 Muslims, in the name of fanatical Islam, murdered nearly 3000 American citizens at Ground Zero. 

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Forensic Science and Crime Scenes

Each week, millions of Americans tune in to watch CSI and CSI-Miami. Featuring the latest forensic fads and tools, these shows take a seemingly unsolvable mystery and unravel it in a primetime hour based on minute pieces of evidence to solve the crime. Just how do Forensic Teams and Labs accomplish these amazing feats?

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