American Heroes Press Top Stories August 18, 2010

Army Casualty

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Army Casualties

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Expeditionary Medical Support training a first at JB Elmendorf-Richardson

Eighty-one Airmen from around the Pacific Air Forces participated in the first Expeditionary Medical Support Training here Aug. 9 through 13.

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New Horizons Airman organizes donations to Panamanian children

Capt. Aaron Jackson knew before he volunteered to deploy to Panama for New Horizons that he wanted to do something special to improve the quality of life for children in Darien Province, so he sent a message to friends and family back home to see if anyone would donate items.

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Class of 2014 – Welcome to the corps

Swab summer at the Coast Guard Academy officially ended this past Monday. Of the original 295, 278 swabs were still standing and took a small but significant step towards becoming vital members of the corps of cadets as they earned the privilege of wearing their rank at a shoulder board ceremony.

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Cadet Spends Summer Launching Jets

Of all the ways a college student could spend summer break, Aven Sanders chose to work on the flightline here as a crew chief, launching and recovering T-38 Talon jet trainers. An Oklahoma State University sophomore and Air Force ROTC cadet, Aven is the daughter of Air Force Lt. Col. Patrick Sanders, a T-38 instructor pilot with the 5th Flying Training Squadron, an Air Force Reserve unit here.

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Public Safety Technology in the News

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Search and Seizure for Law Enforcement

Major topics include; (1) arrest and entry to make arrests; (2) detention and search of persons; (3) search and seizure defined; (4) search incident to arrest; (5) vehicle searches; (6) consent to search; (7) “Plain View” and “Plain Feel” Doctrines; (8) inventory searches; (9) “Open Fields” and aerial surveillance; (10) “Exclusionary Rule” and “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree;” (11) police interrogation; (12) probable cause; (13) use of informants; and (14) entrapment.

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