Commercial Airline Hijack Procedures

On October 8, 2009, Conversations with American Heroes at the Watering Hole will feature a former Naval servicemember and retired Commercial Airline Pilot Steve A. Reeves on commercial airline hijack procedures.

 Program Date: October 8, 2009

Program Time: 1700 hours, Pacific

Topic: Commercial Airline Hijack Procedures

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 About the Guest

Steve A. Reeves started flying airplanes from a dirt strip located adjacent to a cotton field in northeast Arkansas. He took great pride in his ability to chase rabbits down the plowed rows of the fields – and live to tell about it. However, it didn’t take long for him to realize that chasing rabbits didn’t pay very well. He packed his bags and headed to the University of Kentucky.  Upon graduating from college, he accepted a commission in the United States Navy. After one tour of duty, he thought that he’d had enough of flying and returned to the civilian world to pursue a career in construction management. One day while standing in the middle of a job site, Steve looked up in the sky to watch a commercial airliner fly over. The attraction was too powerful – he knew that he had to return to the sky. Twenty-one years later, Steve A. Reeves has logged over 12,500 hours in civilian, military, and commercial aircraft. He is a captain for a major airline and resides in Texas with his wife, Stacy, and their two daughters, Keegan and Kayleigh. Steve A. Reeves is the author of Squawk 7500 Terrorist Hijacks Pacifica Flight 762.

 According to the book description of Squawk 7500 Terrorist Hijacks Pacifica Flight 762, “This fiction thriller is based on the real life experiences of a commercial pilot and gives you an exciting insider view of what it takes to fly a jet while managing crew, passengers—and a terrorist! Captain Mike Rendell started out his workday like all the workdays before – just another normal day of flying. After spending a raucous night partying with his crew, he and his first officer were looking forward to a nice relaxing flight to the West Coast.”

 About the Watering Hole

The Watering Hole is Police slang for a location cops go off-duty to blow off steam and talk about work and life.  Sometimes funny; sometimes serious; but, always interesting.

 About the Host

Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster was a sworn member of the Los Angeles Police Department for 24 years.  He retired in 2003 at the rank of Lieutenant.  He holds a bachelor’s from the Union Institute and University in Criminal Justice Management and a Master’s Degree in Public Financial Management from California State University, Fullerton; and, has completed his doctoral course work. Raymond E. Foster has been a part-time lecturer at California State University, Fullerton and Fresno; and is currently a Criminal Justice Department chair, faculty advisor and lecturer with the Union Institute and University.  He has experience teaching upper division courses in Law Enforcement, public policy, Public Safety Technology and leadership.  Raymond is an experienced author who has published numerous articles in a wide range of venues including magazines such as Government Technology, Mobile Government, Airborne Law Enforcement Magazine, and Police One.  He has appeared on the History Channel and radio programs in the United States and Europe as subject matter expert in technological applications in Law Enforcement.

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Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA


Amazon Top 50 Reviewer Praises Leadership: Texas Hold ‘em Style

Charles Ashbacher, a Top 50 Reviewer on posted a review of Leadership Texas Hold ‘em Style.  According to, a “Top 50 Reviewer” identifies Ashbacher as having “helped their fellow customers make informed purchase decisions on with their consistently helpful, high-quality reviews.” Charles Ashbacher has reviewed over 4,800 books and received nearly 14,000 votes from readers with an 88% ranking as finding his reviews helpful.

 He said, in part, about Leadership: Texas Hold ‘em Style, “This is without question one of the best books on effective leadership ever written and it is profound and entertaining as one of the most unusual yet best possible analogies is used.”  And, “Many books on leadership tend to be correct in their content but dull in their delivery. In this case the content is superb and the delivery is even beyond that, the comparisons between poker and quality leadership are apt, educational and make this book one that should be read, re-read and intellectually digested.”


Using poker as analogy for leadership, Captain Andrew Harvey, CPD (ret.), Ed.D. and Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.), MPA found the right mix of practical experience and academic credentials to write a definitive book for leaders. Working together, Harvey and Foster have written Leadership: Texas Hold em Style. Most often leaders find they are given a set of resources people, equipment, funds, experience and a mission. As Foster noted, “You’re dealt a certain hand. How you play that hand as a leader determines your success.”


Making Money with a Computer Virus

Running a large number of websites and a small office network has certainly given me a lot of experience in being exposed to the dangers of Viruses, Trojans and other MalWare.  Also, having taught an introductory course in computer crime and written a book on technology – well, I have at least a pretty good idea about the dangers of the Internet. But, I didn’t think I would ever fall into a way to make money with computer viruses.

 It started over a year ago.  The first indication was the network slowing – then, several of the more popular websites were hacked.  How a keylogger program became installed – well, I have my suspicions.  I did some research and found an online computer repair company.  Rather than take all the computers in or call a technician to the office, I figured I’d roll the dice.

 I was very pleased an hour later.  Remotely, the company found, killed and then restored – for a single –  very reasonable price – my computer.  Heck, I signed up with for year which included tuning and optimizing all computers.  For the next year, every once a while, we went online and the company remotely scanned and optimized.

 The year was great – but, not having had any recurrences, I let the contract lapse.  Six months later, I did it this time.  In an effort to improve broadcast sound quality – I did something stupid.  I disable the firewall and virus protection.  Really, it should have been okay.  I had I remembered to re-activate the programs.  The next day – we were slammed.

 My fault.  I contacted the remote technicians.  This time – same great service, but the Trojan had burrowed deep into a single machine.  It took longer – but they were able to restore everything.  I was so pleased, I told the technician via chat that I would be blogging about my satisfaction; and, link to them.  This honest guy says, “You ought to just become an affiliate.”

 That was an easy decision.  Over the last 18 months I have referred dozens of people to them – each one was as satisfied as I was.  I never imagined I could become an affiliate.  Because of my websites, I am an affiliate with several companies.  None was this easy – nor, do I have such a personal connection.  I signed up, they created a page – at no cost to me.  I then registered a domain, pointed to the sub-domain they had created – and, well I am in business.

 There is one last cool part – I can sign up people to be affiliates and – well, get a small commission of the people they refer.  Can you imagine – all the people, all the computers, all the knotheads creating viruses – now I can make a little money helping people clean their machines!

 First, if your machine is infected, or slow, I strongly recommended these technicians – it’s done remotely and very cool to watch your cursor move on its own.  Second, if you would like be an affiliate – that’s right, make money with computer viruses, I encourage to click on the link and sign up!

 Computer Repair

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